Surgery First for Sleep Apnea with Aligners

Maxillomandibular advancement (MMA) is the most successful surgical treatment for OSAS. However, traditional orthognathic surgery (TOS) is a surgical-orthodontic technique that incorporates three phases of treatment: decompensatory orthodontic preparation, orthognathic surgery, and orthodontic completion. The traditional orthodontic preparation phase for patients with OSAS in TOS should not be performed unless the patients use CPAP during orthodontic preparation. Treatment for OSAS requires prompt surgery; there are several reasons why TOS is iatrogenic in these cases. Besides, immediate intervention is imperative, since patients with OSAS have a significantly worse quality of life and decreased expectancy of life. By the same token, Surgery First is an orthodontic technique developed to optimize surgical results by achieving significant dental decompensation after surgery. This lecture will cover the diagnosis and MMA treatment planning for patients with OSAS under the light of the 17-year clinical experience with surgery first approach. The specific goal is to present a aligner protocol of treatment for the combined orthodontic-surgical treatment.

Obiettivi di apprendimento

Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di Understand that sleep apnea is a serious problem and orthodontics is part of the solution.
Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di Recognize that conventional preparation for orthognathic surgery is inadequete for OSA patient.
Dopo la tua relazione sarai in grado di Propose proper surgical care for OSA patients.